It is thought that the name Baunei derives from the Greek “Bainos”, which would mean “furnace to melt metals or to cook limestone to make lime”.

The territory of Baunei is a splendid combination of sea and mountains, with its 40 km. of coastline rich in limestone cliffs interspersed with small coves, which extends from Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Luna.

Citing the most renowned localities, starting from the south you can admire the pinnacle of Pedra Longa, Capo Montesanto, the two fjords of Portu Quau and Portu Pedrosu, Cala Biriala, Cala Goloritzé, Ispuligidenie (Cala mariolu), Cala Sisine and Cala Luna. Very interesting is the basalt plateau of Golgo with its karst valleys  in which “Su Sterru”, Europe’s deepest single-span chasm is located. Another highlight is the characteristic karst plateau “Margine”, less than 15 km. away from Baunei. 

This territory is very interesting for several points of view:

  • from the faunal point of view: the presence of preminent animal species such as the golden eagle, the Eleonora’s falcon, the Corsican seagull, the goshawk, the peregrine falcon, the Bonelli’s Eagle, the mouflon, the wild boar, etc.;
  • from a speleological point of view: the presence of numerous very interesting caves and chasms, located inland and along the coast, both below and above sea level;
  • from a historical point of view: testimonies of the past covering all historical periods, with the discovery of anthropozoic deposits from the pre-nuragic period, of numerous nuraghi and nuragic villages, fortresses and giants’ tombs of the Nuragic age; settlements and coins of the Imperial and Republican age of the Roman period; the Medieval church of S. Maria Navarrese, the little church of Eltili and the St.Peter’s church of Golgo.

In addition, the numerous recently equipped cliffs offer multiple climbing opportunities for free climbing lovers, in a unique and wild environment, between spires and cliffs overlooking the sea.

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